Nico Rac

Nikos Rachoutis aka Nico Rac was born 1992 in Athens, Greece and has loved music for as long as he can recall. Nico’s passion for music has led him on an upwardtrajectory ever since he first started DJing.

Since 2012 and for over 2 years now he’s been playing at popular local bars of Athens like Mamacas’s, Mikro (Kiss The Future) and his appearances were more than successful.

2014 was a terrific year for Nico as he appeared for first time in the legendary Cavo Paradiso club in Mykonos – Greece’s top super club and rated as one of the top 100 clubs around the world from DJ Mag, as an opening act along with international artists such as Loco Dice. Luciano, Wade, Cuartero, &ME, Yaya, Davide Squillace, Dennis Ferrer, Hector Couto, Cesar Verveille and Argy.

Nico Rac has been gathering enthusiastic audience response and critical praise for electronic-styled tech house and this has kept him completely focused putting his full energy into it and taking his music and djing skills into the next level.

Production-wise, Nico is about to make his first step releasing his first track with title “The Guru (Original Mix) in collaboration with his good friends Antoni Bios and Del Mar under the Natura Viva Music label in the next month. This is just the beginning of Nico’s career in electronic music production and it’s looking promising as he’s working at the moment in new sounds and beats and getting them ready for release early next year.