Dj Jem Starting djing at the age of 23 in 2003 at the island of Crete Greece.His first contact with electronic music was at at the age of 18 when he listens cd mixes of ''Danny Tenaglia'',''Steve Lawler'' and ''Carl Cox''... In the summer of 2003 he had the opportunity to listen the biggest djs at dance scene at a legendary open air club of Crete ''Homus'' and then he realize that this experience of life is the thing that he wants to do in life. After that he started to collect vinyls and he made a big collection of unique vinyls. In 2006 he started doing his own music at the German record label ''Pesto Music'' of his good friend ''Jon Silva''. After playing at the major clubs of the island he got his residency in the summer of 2008 at ''Big Fish'' club,every Monday,which was one of the most successful nights in the island . The same summer he made a night at the same club with his friend ''Nick Varon'' which was the most successful night at this point. That same summer as well he was gigging at several clubs and beach bars such as ''Caldera'' and ''Sundays'' pool bar and he played with his friend ''Phil Thosmon'' UK for another big night. He had appearanced at ''Room 109'' and ''Envy Club'' as well. After a great summer,the following winter he moved in UK at the city of Brighton. For the next 3 years he had appearance at several's clubs there such as ''Coalition'' , ''H Bar'' , ''Madame Geisha'' and his residency every second week at ''Cube Bar'' Brighton. Every summer he was back at his base in Crete and he made several parties around the island. In 2012 he came back in Greece and Crete and he had appearance at ''Rafinaria'' club ,''Matrix Club'' Hersonisos, ''Nafpigio'' club Rethimno Crete and ''Plastelina'' bar Heraklion. Another night was ''Communicate'' parties at the club ''Herlin'',Heraklion in 2015 at his every month residency there which was the most successful night at the island of Crete that year and the March of 2015 he was gigin along with ''Deborha De Luca'' at one of the most memorable night at that year. The following years his love of music getting stronger and the art of djing getting bigger and bigger. In 2018 he shared the decks once more with his good old friend ‘’Nick Varon’’ at ‘’Soho nights-Heraklion’’ and the night was one to remember as well.