Agent Greg

George Maravelakis aka George Marvel was born in 1974 in Iraklion of Crete,
Greece. He has been interested in music since his early childhood, and had his
first home radio station broadcasting on air, at the age of 16.
He studied music in the national conservatoire school of Crete as he enjoyed a
scholarship which lasted two years and learned about singing and playing lira (a
Cretan instrument like violin).
He accepted his first job as a resident dj for a local bar in Iraklion, where he was
spinning his first house maxi singles. Later he worked for Iraklion's branch store
of Virgin megastores, for 7 years, as a sales and orders manager consultant.
He has gain global audience with more than 27 000 Listeners on line in every
single episode with his radio show ‘Nocturne”, been constantly in the top 10
episodes of the month among some of the biggest names in the music scene,
in one of the most known Undergound Internet radios of the world !
For his music taste, is considered as one of the best djs and radio producers in
Iraklion, and has been playing music for local clubs for 30 years.
Always on the move to one more step ahead till he drops.
For the love of music.